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chrome locking oil cap

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chrome locking oil cap

fellow riders!

NO MORE PLASTIC CAPS!  Plastic on a Harley engine? NO WAY!




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(Scroll down for OTHER COMMENTS or objections, why some people say they don't need a locking oil cap. Interesting.)


Customer Comments:     


A. A new customer says it best!

     “Hi Kurt, I just wanted to let you know how much I like your Locking Oil Caps. Not only are they ‘made in America’, they look great and work well. I sleep well knowing the oil cap is locked on and keeping deviants out.
     Before I got your cap a vandal poured Karo Syrup in my oil pan. That stuff mixes well with oil when it heats up - flows like a charm. Then when you park your bike and it cools down overnight, it molecularly bonds with the motor oil and coagulates throughout the motor and clogs oil passages. It’s not a matter of having insurance, it’s being a thousand miles out and dealing with a dead engine on your vacation.
     Yes, insurance paid for the repair, but that’s not the point. The point is… there are haters out there that can do great damage too easy. With the locking oil cap, I removed “easy” and sleep well when my bike isn’t parked in my garage overnight. Thanks Guardian.”      - - Ed Perry

1. Check out Harley-Davidson Forums for a discussion of locking oil caps:  (opens, new window)

NOTE:  If the link has changed, go to http://www.harley-davidsonforums.com/forums/ and search:  locking oil caps 
Thread starts 2011 but active comments. Oregon and national posts.

2. "Hi Kurt, Well, Spring seems to have finally arrived in England, so I have been able to ride my H-D Fat Boy a number of times over the past few days. The Guardian Protector locking oil cap appears and feels of good quality and well manufactured. It's quite ingenious in its design and operation, and seems to work very well. It's easy to install and remove, and when the oil tank is hot you can hold the Guardian Protector by the key without burning yourself. After a number of rides I found no sign of any oil leaks . I used to own different BMW motorcycles, and various locking oil caps are readily available for them. So when I bought the Fat Boy, I expected to be able to buy a locking oil cap quite easily, but I was dismayed to find that there weren't any on the market. In my opinion, this was the one necessity that was lacking on my Fat Boy. After a wait of some years I discovered that you had started to make the Guardian Protector for a Fat Boy, so I ordered one right away, and I have not been disappointed."
- - A.M.F., England, UK


3. "I have not been a statistic (# of Harleys vandalized) and don't plan on it ! I installed my GUARDIAN Oil Protector Locking Cap last week. It was extremely simple to install. I am impressed with the quality of this product and it looks great. Nice product K&B! Thanks."       - - Mike A., Mentor, Ohio

4. "Hey kurt im in phoenix,az... just wanted to say thanks again for your product. love phoenix so far. . you got a awesome product that overwelmed me...send me some business cards...and i know alot of people out here would love it. keep in touch."   - - brian, Phoeniz, Arizona


5. "Ever since I installed the GUARDIAN oil protector cap, not only did it add a stylish new look, it gives me the satisfaction of knowing that the oil can't be tampered with - it gives me a secure feeling of parking my bike anywhere. I highly recommend investing in the GUARDIAN oil protector cap for your Harley Davison motorcycle. You won't be disappointed. (K & B, feel free to use my comments on this. Thanks.)"  - - Dale Gebeau, Painesville, Ohio

6. "Hello! Your locking oil caps are exactly what I'm searching for. I need one for a Harley Davidson Softail Blackline 2011. It's not listed on your homepage, but it looks like the TB-200 would fit for the "horseshoe"-oil tank. Can you help me? Thanks in advance."  - - Frank , Berlin    (Yes we can help)

7. "Thank you for making this - I've been looking for a locking oil cap ever since my bike was messed with. Thanks!"  
- - J.B., Mentor, Ohio

8. "Hi there, just sketching out some designs for locking caps, as I thought nobody made them!  Recently had a call from a distressed customer on tour through Spain who had his oil contaminated, first time I have heard of this and now I'm worried. Do you make a cap for Softail style tanks too?  Regards,
- - Stuart, Wales, United Kingdom  (Yes, we do)

Showing quality machining9. "Some as _ h_ _ _ put kerosene in my oil when I had it (my Harley) for sale up by the road in front of my house. I never thought something like this would ever happen to me."  -- R.A., Akron, Ohio 


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10. "You know you really can't appreciate the quality of these caps until you hold one in your hands. Really nice!"  (comment at the GUARDIAN exhibit - photo below right, at the Louie Run, Painesville, Ohio)

OTHER COMMENTS or objections...
& Reasons People Say They Don’t Need a Guardian Locking Oil Cap

You might find these reasons very interesting. These are actual comments we’ve gotten or heard. We thought we should post these so visitors could see the reasons that some people give for not buying a precision locking oil cap."

Good reasons or bad, you be the judge.

- - Kurt Fogle, Guardian Oil Protector developer, Owner, K&B Enterprizes, LLC
Lifelong Harley-Davidson rider and enthusiast

Comments and reasons given...

“I don’t need no locking oil cap. If someone messes with my bike, I’ll kick their ass.”

Kurt’s response:  “Really. We hear this more than you’d think. So, you’re a tough guy, and rightfully so that you’d get after them. But you have to catch them at it first, have to know for sure who did it before you risk an assault charge, and that’s the rub. This is vandalism. They do it on the sly, when you’re not around, it only takes seconds to trash your oil, and then they’re gone. And their kick is thinking of you riding down the road when under you the engine pretty much explodes inside, and you’re out of commission for maybe weeks or a month or so. Rarely does anyone ever find out who sabotaged their bike, so good luck with that.” See customer comments

“I have an oil filter and that should protect my engine, so why would I need this?”

Kurt’s response:  “We all wish that was true, but it is not. A Harley engine is not like a car engine, and the oil goes all through the engine BEFORE it gets to the oil filter. Even so, when something blocks the oil filter, the oil circulation stops and the next step is your engine blowing." See further explanation and diagram. What clogs the filter stops the oil and blows the engine.               

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"Do I need this? I have an oil filter."

    Your oil filter will not protect your engine from damage due to vandalism or sabotage. Your oil filter is the very last thing that touches your oil, filtering the oil AFTER it flows through the engine. Oil, and anything that enters through the oil cap, goes into the sump and then to the oil pump, pumping oil through the engine. AFTER traveling through the engine is the oil filter - last. Anything added to the oil goes directly to the pump and then to the engine. The oil filter is not the issue. You need to protect your engine from foreign objects. The GUARDIAN Oil Protector Locking Oil Cap does that.  

Locking oil cap cost:  6 cents/day (5 year example)

Engine rebuilding:  $ 6,000. plus


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OIL FLOW CHART:  Harley-Davidson Motorcycles
Your oil filter will not protect you.


Oil flow chart Harley-Davidson motorcycles

GUARDIAN Oil Protector locking oil caps can prevent these and other items from entering your engine through the oil cap:Harley locking oil cap prevents screws and metal from entering oil sump

  • Sand

  • Cigarette buttsHarley locking oil cap prevents cigarette butts from entering oil sump

  • Wood screws

  • Gravel, rocks

  • Small nails

  • Wood chips

  • Corrosive liquids

  • Honey

  • Paper items

  • Cotton, rags

  • Other items

SEE DETAIL PHOTOS on the detail -order page. See other photos at FAQs

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“I have insurance, so this is probably covered if something happens and I wouldn’t need a lock.”

Kurt’s response:  “Well, good that you have insurance. And if that’s the case, then you probably don’t have locks or use locks anywhere else, either, like a fork lock, gas cap lock, saddle bag lock, cable locks, etc., ‘cause you’re covered by insurance. The facts, when you think about this, are that people do indeed steal bikes, they do steal items from bikes, and they certainly do sabotage bikes one way or another. If not to you, possibly ‘not yet.’ Probably the most devastating damage that can happen to your bike is to your engine, trashing the oil that trashes the engine and what requires the most down time to repair (engine) – it can be more weeks than you care to think about without your bike. Good that you have insurance, but this misses a critical point. And insurance alone only is of some financial help to you AFTER you’ve experienced a loss. After. Bike and oil vandalism happens. People buy our locking oil caps to protect their bike and their investment, similarly a kind of insurance, while more like security, that actually DETERS or PREVENTS damage. Locks work.

“People get their bikes vandalized because they’ve done something to piss somebody off.
So if someone don't vandalize the oil they’ll just do something else to the bike.
So a locking oil cap won't do any good.”

Kurt’s response:  “Well, this sounds logical, doesn’t it? I’m sure that some of it is true. It certainly can be true that people may do something to piss someone off. It certainly can be true that they might go after another part of the bike if foiled by a locking oil cap or other lock, but still intent on inflicting damage,. But it puts all the cause, all the blame, onto the victim, doesn’t it? And you might have inadvertently pissed someone off without any realization or purpose on your part, that it is the perpetrator’s problem, not yours? So you tiptoe through life and act so you can't possibly piss someone off? Is that the way to go through life, playing meek, playing safe? Also, absent from this is what we all most likely know about human nature, that there are some bad people out there that act badly, just cause, and that behind the acts of vandalism lie a variety of motives (revenge, jealousy, envy, false pride) and psychological reasons for behavior. We’ve heard even of kids, barely teenagers, who have put items into oil sumps almost as a prank, not knowing the huge damage that can result. But if a locking oil cap prevents damage to the engine, you should be ahead of the game. See the previous answer as well, as it applies.”       [ Back to page top ]

“I don’t think it will ever happen to me.” (that no one will ever put anything in my oil)

Kurt Response:  “I didn’t think it would happen to me either, but it did, and that was what spurred me to develop these caps so this didn’t happen again to me or to others. We probably hear this more than any other reason. And many people who contact us and buy a locking cap because someone put something awful in their oil, what do they say? ‘I never thought this would ever happen to me.’ Many say this, but not all, because others clearly see the potential for vandalism, know someone who had their oil vandalized, or have heard the stories and simply buy the cap to prevent damage and loss of road time. And I hope it doesn’t happen to you, because it’s simply an awful experience, like having someone steal your stuff or break into your home – not only do you get angry, you just feel terrible. Statistics? Odds? We sell a lot of caps. Most people don’t care if it happens to x number of people; only that it doesn’t happen to them.”  (see Kurt’s story here:  how and why )           [ Back to page top ]

“Locking oil caps are too expensive.”

Kurt’s response:  “At first glance it might seem so. The precision machined, aircraft quality aluminum and durable lock are certainly way more expensive than the, frankly, cheap, featherweight plastic oil cap that Harley-Davidson provides. Way more. Here you have this incredible machine, a quality Harley-Davidson, all chrome and polished beauty maybe decked out with all kinds of H-D add-ons, and you’ve got this chintzy, cheap plastic cap? Plastic?”

“The research and development to ensure each cap would be correctly machined to close tolerances was extensive, not to mention sourcing everything from A to Z, nor getting these products patented, etc. But generally what is meant by “too expensive” is that the person doesn’t see enough value. For what it’s worth, I can tell you that blood, sweat, and tears have gone into building this company and to provide quality locking caps to H-D riders. Please review the website. Consider the down time you’ll never have because your oil was vandalized. Consider that you are adding peace of mind to your biking experience, as well as value to the bike. Compared to potential losses, most people see more than enough value to justify the price.”   [ Back to page top ]


Review:  11-1-2023

chrome locking oil cap

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Precision Machined METAL Locking Oil Caps
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