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chrome locking oil cap

Logo Guardian Oil Protector for Harley-DavidsonsLogo Guardian Oil Protector for Harley-Davidsons

Precision Machined
METAL Locking Oil Caps
 only for HARLEY-DAVIDSON Motorcycles


        K&B Enterprizes, LLC - Made in America - Ohio, USA

chrome locking oil cap

fellow riders!

NO MORE PLASTIC CAPS!  Plastic on a Harley engine? NO WAY!




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GUARDIAN Oil Protector™
locking oil caps can prevent these and other items from entering your engine through the oil cap:

screws clog oilCigarette butts clog oil 

  • Sand

  • Cigarette butts

  • Wood screws

  • Gravel, rocks

  • Small nails

  • Wood chips

  • Corrosive liquids

  • Honey

  • Paper Items

  • Other items

  These items - and others that are simply hard to believe - have been found in engines upon tear-down as engine rebuilding was necessary. 


  • Aircraft Quality Aluminum

  • Completely WATERPROOF

  • CNC Precision Machined

  • Choose Black Anodized, or Chrome

  • 2 numbered keys included

  • Ready to use out of the box - Only 2 models require installation and use your existing oil stick - the ONLY tool you need to install is needle-nosed pliers

  • Low cost and cost effective



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 About Us:  FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions
Guardian Locking Oil Caps


Guardian Oil Protector TM - Locking Oil Cap -  Harley Davidson Accessories
Precision Machined Locking Oil Caps for Harley-Davidson Motorcycles - PATENTED, U.S. Patent Office - Aircraft quality aluminum, available in chrome, black anodized, aluminum, depending upon model.

Guardian cap installed

?:  Who actually makes the GUARDIAN oil caps?  
A.  We make them. We at K & B solely produce the GUARDIAN Oil Protectors that are U.S. manufactured to exacting specifications. These are solely and skillfully manufactured right here in Lake County, Ohio, in the U.S., and protected by a U.S. Patent.

?:  (from Germany) Why is it taking so long for my oil cap to get here?
A. It's not; we tracked it. It's there sitting in CUSTOMS. This sometimes happens with INTERNATIONAL SHIPMENTS and some customers outside the U.S. They have reported that caps shipped to them have been very late in arriving, and that the holdup most often has been CUSTOMS in those countries (even Canada), as apparently some country's processing has been behind or slow at times. It is inconsistent, as sometimes shipments to that same country are relatively fast, normal. Late arrival? Check CUSTOMS first. But always feel free to contact us about when we shipped the order, order tracking, whatever, etc.


?:  Are you affiliated with the Harley-Davidson Motorcycle company?
A. No. Only as customers and Harley-Davidson enthusiasts and life-long riders. No, we are not affiliated with them - we just love their bikes.


? Why are motorcycles vandalized or  sabotaged?

A. Revenge. Anger. Jealousy. Rivalry. Envy. Hatred. Spite. Mean-spiritedness. Just because. All the darker motives of human nature come into play. 


? Plastic caps?

A. Plastic? Really? With a chrome metal locking cap, the value is tops! You'll buy only one that will last a lifetime. Plastic caps break. We've had people buy a cap from us after they had cheap plastic caps that broke - having to buy 2, now that's really expensive. "I should have bought one only from you," one recent customer said.



?:  How did you come up with this idea of a locking oil cap?

      A good while ago now, my wife and I took off on a road trip, riding hundreds of miles. We stopped in a small town and pulled up to a restaurant to get a bite to eat. In front a number of Harley's were parked and, always friendly, we stopped and talked a bit with several of the other bikers before going inside. I'm sure it was obvious that we weren't from around these parts, and I probably said we were from Cleveland. I don't really remember what was said - just small talk, and friendly, though. Regardless, I locked up my bike as I always do, a Harley 2003 FL Electra Glide Centennial Edition that I've put a lot into, and we went inside to eat.

      Leaving the restaurant I nodded to those I'd talked with, and we headed off down the road. After riding a short while I felt that something wasn't quite right with the engine. It was acting funny, starting to sound funny, and it felt like it was heating up, running hot. I started to pull over to check it, and just then it made a lot of noise and completely froze up. It was dead.

     Much later, back in Cleveland and getting the engine torn down, what was found was a filtered cigarette butt in the engine. The oil pump was fouled and ruined, starving my engine for oil, the reason the engine locked up. That was the cause and I didn't know it until tear down. The only time this could have happened was when we were in the restaurant - someone maliciously put a cigarette butt in my oil. They simply popped the cap and dropped it in. One butt - that's all it took.  

       There was a lot of damage. I was heart broken, and then I was angry. It cost me a lot, but aside from the money it cost me prime riding time, as well - it took a over a month to fix the engine and more to replace some special aftermarket engine parts I'd put on, as it is far from a stock engine. 

     I searched high and low for a locking oil cap, and none existed anywhere. I swore I'd not leave my bike and oil cap unprotected again. I couldn't find anything. As I searched I talked to a lot of people; other riders, Harley dealers, and others. I found I wasn't alone in having garbage put into the oil - cigarette butts, screws, dirt, gravel, etc. If I couldn't buy a locking oil cap, I decided I'd make one - and also make quality locking caps available to fellow riders. The only parts that go on my bike have to be very high quality. That was the original idea, and K&B Enterprizes, LLC, was formed. Now all of our efforts are focused on keeping up with demand for the
GUARDIAN Oil Protector. Anyway, that's the story. (Video right below)photo FL series GUARDIAN locking oil cap shown with sump - Harley Davidson motorcycle quality security accessories

- - Kurt Fogle, President, K&B Enterprizes, LLC

?:  Do you have a flyer I could print out or to show or email to someone?

A. (Yes)
I'd like to download your flyer but the flyer won't open. How do I get it?                 FLYER TO COME. Being revised.
Flyer:  Flyer to describe the caps, security, oil flow. Click icon:  PDF Guardian Oil Locks
PDF file should download or open in a new browser window.


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Review:  11-1-2023

chrome locking oil cap

Logo Guardian Oil Protector for Harley-DavidsonsLogo Guardian Oil Protector for Harley-Davidsons


Precision Machined METAL Locking Oil Caps
 for HARLEY-DAVIDSON Motorcycles

        K&B Enterprizes, LLC - Made in America - Ohio, USA

 K&B Enterprizes, LLC 

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Grand River, Ohio 44045
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Kurt Fogle


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